Prosecco Doc Treviso Cuvèe Leganza: variations on the theme

Pomegranate aperitif: Very quick to prepare, the pomegranate aperitif is a great start to your parties and you only need two ingredients, pomegranate and Prosecco DOC Treviso Cuvèe Leganza, which with its slightly sweet, fresh flavor , sapid, persistent and with a nice fruity finish, it perfectly balances the acidity and light tannins of the fruit. You can decorate it with fresh and sweet herbs such as rosemary and if you like a brighter color add a few drops of pomegranate juice, a precious and healthy fruit that adorns the trees in our gardens at this time of year. It is ideal with Prosecco Doc Treviso because it has an abundant and persistent foam, a delicate color and a fruity and characteristic aroma. The important thing is to choose ripe pomegranates, otherwise their juice could be astringent, and therefore not very pleasant. A perfect alternative aperitif for the Christmas holidays.

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