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In South Tyrol, the area destined for wine production can be identified in a limited area that extends for only 80 km but despite this the vineyards are incredibly varied. This area is very fortunate as both soils and the different orientations and altitudes of the vineyards, combined with the microclimates present, allow to create really particular differences between the vineyards: we can take the example of Lagrein, a native variety that prefers warm soils sand or gravel, while Gewürztraminer finds more suitable soils with a lot of limestone and clay. The Müller Thurgau grape, on the other hand, produces lively white wine with floral notes, and in South Tyrol, depending on the place of cultivation, it develops fruity, floral or mineral nuances such as orange blossom, black currant or geranium. At the end of the nineteenth century, Sauvignon Blanc was introduced into cultivation directly from France, which gradually established itself as one of the leading products among white wines thanks above all to the vineyards oriented on the slopes facing West and East. Kerner thanks to its resistance in the cold and frost it is grown at higher altitudes than traditional ones. Pinot Noir also grows preferably in calcareous detrital soils and as well as Pinot Blanc, it prefers medium-high altitudes up to 800 meters.

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