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The section dedicated to spirits of VINOSO.Shop is divided into two main categories: spirits and liqueurs. The former are spirits for meditation or pouring, while the latter are sweet and easier to drink even if you are not a big fan. Among the spirits we prefer there are the Bas Armagnac of which by choice there are different vintages. Calvados and Cognac complete the triad of French spirits that characterize important after-dinners, while Blackwoods with its Vintage Gin and Vodka becomes the perfect ingredient for a sophisticated aperitif. Among the liqueurs we find the Ratafià, symbol of the Italian tradition, alongside the Port and the Sherry which, despite being fortified wines and not liqueurs, are united for the occasion of consumption. However, there are two after-dinner classics: Grappa di Barolo and Bolgheri and an Amaro di Erbe Alpine.

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