VINOSO.Shop was born from the combination of the knowledge of two young professionals who represent the seventh and eighth generation of high-end producers. What was missing in the e-commerce market: a complete portal that guarantees fans a unique experience. VINOSO.Shop was born from the request for a complete experience and a more in-depth contact with connoisseurs, enthusiasts and employees of the wine and spirits sector: to have a unique experience that embraces the entire production chain, from the purchase to the discovery of the less accessible places. and hidden of the maison, of the wine farms, the niches and the protected cellars where the most exclusive reserves rest, jealously guarded, where the wines and spirits you love most are born and refined. A visit, a discovery, the flavors, the tastings, a dinner and, where possible, an exclusive overnight stay. And your most beloved product becomes true knowledge, which binds special images and sensations to the palate. VINOSO.Shop is the only portal that can guarantee you quality, freshness, direct origin from the producer for the entire range in the showcase. It also has the exclusivity on fine vintages, special selections, special productions, reserve vintages and limited editions. The combination of an ad hoc visit to the estates with your favorite product will thus become a truly special experience and will be an opportunity to give you a small, unique and precious holiday. VINOSO.Shop is therefore not just a place to buy wine, but it is the purchase of the complete experience that lies behind the bottle, giving you the opportunity to visit the places where they are produced. VINOSO.Shop also, being able to make use of a team of experts, will be able to advise you, if you need it, and guide you in the choice of products, to satisfy your requests. VINOSO.Shop will enrich its product catalog and will always guarantee a unique experience that no other portal can offer you.

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