VINOSO.Shop is not a simple online wine shop: VINOSO.Shop is the online store where you can buy exclusive beers, spirits and wines and is the natural digital development of the trade that our family has been doing for more than 70 years. After the Second World War, our great-grandfather began to import and distribute the wines of many different national and international wineries exclusively for Italy. Today in the digital age, we great-grandchildren have created the e-commerce VINOSO.Shop which continues in the tradition of our family, selling online the products of all the prestigious wineries of our catalog.

Choose wines from the Cellars and Precious Vintages in the store

VINOSO.Shop is the only online wine store that can guarantee you quality, freshness, direct provenance from the producer for the entire range of wines on display. It also has the exclusivity on fine vintages, special selections, special productions, reserve vintages and limited editions. We are therefore the only online wine shop that can offer you the full range of each cellar in the catalog; it can guarantee you quality, freshness and direct provenance from the producer of all the wines, spirits and liqueurs on display. We are the only ones with all large formats , all the fine vintages, all the special selections, all the special productions, all the collector vintages, all the limited editions and all gift boxes .

VINOSO.Shop the more you buy, the less you spend

If you don't know our products so well, you can taste them by purchasing the TASTING BOX that we have prepared with you in mind and, once you have appreciated the wines contained, you can proceed with the purchase of larger quantities. VINOSO.Shop , in fact, is also the only online wine shop that gives you the opportunity to buy more - spend less, because our sales policy benefits you considerably in purchase of several bottles of the same product, all this to better and more conveniently supply your cellar.

VINOSO.Shop is synonymous with experience and quality

We also have a group of experts, who know every single cellar very well and who will be able to advise and guide you choosing products, so as to satisfy all your requests, all your needs and all your wishes: we always guarantee you a unique experience that no other online wine shop can give you.

Drink wine and live the winemaking experience in the Cellar

The combination of an ad hoc visit to the estates and cellars that is producong your favorite product will turn into a truly special experience and will be an opportunity to give you a small, unique and precious holiday. VINOSO.Shop therefore it is not just a store to buy wine, but  a place where you can find the complete experience that hides behind the bottle, giving the chance to visit the places where the best wines are produced. This experience allows to enrich the product catalog of the store VINOSO.Shop and will always guarantee a unique experience , which no other online shop will be able to offer you.

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