Bas Armagnac

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Armagnac is the oldest wine distillate in France and is produced in the historic region of Gascony, in the south-west of the country. This region, in fact, provides the best grapes for the distillation of Armagnac. In particular, there are three important areas: Grand Bas-Armagnac, Fins Bas-Armagnac and Petits Bas-Armagnac. Among the three, Bas Armagnac is considered the best production area, thanks to the type of soil and the favorable climate. For the production of this distillate there are four main grape varieties selected: Ugni blanc, Colombard, Folle blanche and Baco blanc. Armagnac is obtained with a single distillation and the process follows strict rules, in order to guarantee the quality of the product. At VINOSO.Shop we are passionate about Armagnac , and for this reason we offer you a large collection of vintage Bas Armagnacs and some not vintage but aged and precious.

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