Discover German Mosel wines such as Rieslings in our Vinoso store.

The Moselle wine region is located along the Moselle river, which flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany. Renowned for its quality wines, Moselle is particularly renowned for its white wines, with  Riesling being a particular highlight. The region's steep, slate-rich soils contribute to the unique characteristics of its grapes, resulting in distinctive and complex flavours in the wines. Riesling wines produced in this region include various styles, including Trocken and Kabinett. Trocken Riesling is a dry and fresh wine with notes of yellow fruit, citrus and mineral. It is characterised by good acidity, making it an excellent wine to pair with fish dishes, salads and fresh cheeses. Il Riesling Kabinett, invece, è un vino leggermente dolce con un'intensa vena di acidità che equilibra la dolcezza. The wine is characterised by aromas of mature fruit, white flowers and honey, and is ideal for pairing with spicy or meat-based dishes. In our VINOSO.Shop store, we invite you to experience the unique character of Mosel Rieslings from different vintages.

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