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The most famous wines of Sardinia are Vermentino and Cannonau: the first is an intense and fragrant white wine, while the second is a warm and soft red wine, structured but at the same time fresh. Nuragus is the most cultivated white grape variety in Sardinia, it is generally vinified in purity. Furthermore, since 1975 the vine has its own denomination, the Nuragus di Cagliari DOC, and is highly appreciated for its flavor and its autumn fruit aromas. Among the Sardinian wines of VINOSO.Shop you can also find a wine in amphora, that is vinified in terracotta containers. Thanks to the porosity of the amphora, the wine is able to have an oxygenation comparable to that of wood, thus maintaining the purity of the wine to the maximum without loss of flavor. The amphora is also highly insulating: terracotta, in fact, has an extraordinary thermal insulation capacity and allows the wine to avoid excessive temperature changes during storage.

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