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Get inspired! Monster's Wine is a line of organic wines without stakes and without limits, especially those of the imagination. Each bottle tells a different character, at times grotesque; i was in my mind and attitude. Material and substance wines, unfiltered and frank in representing the grapes that make them up. Produced in marche reflect the truest peasant tradition without neglecting oenological awareness and great ability to drink. Easy to understand, these wines do not need a special opportunity to be uncorked, on the other hand they are perfect to create one. Thanks to their low alcohol content every pretext is good for uncorking them! Monster's Wine is love for the unconventional that scares and fascinates at the same time. Ugly is beautiful, and from today it is also good! I am a Virgin, Pestifero and Birba. Their labels are essential, tribal and depict three different faces. Mirrors for the consumer who wants to transgress. Monster's Wine is GENDER FREE, it's POP, PUNK and FREAK. A project for free spirits, even a little nostalgic, who like to test themselves with something new. With a dry taste, two of them are re-inflicted in the bottle, all have bottom and turbidity, the taste is fresh, pleasant and persistent.

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