Valentine's Day: a selection of perfect wines to enjoy together or to give to those you love

February 14th is the feast of lovers. Whether you are among those who do not give up the anniversary, or among those who do not love it at all, or whether you are close to your half of the apple, or far away, or enough for yourself and be happy like this, every opportunity is good to raise the glass. To be enjoyed at dinner together, or to be shipped to your love's house, these wines will make your evening even more special. Velvety bubbles also throughout the meal, fragrant whites that can support Asian cuisines, white meats and rich aperitifs. Savory and fresh rosés that go well with fish, warm and enveloping reds perfect to accompany soft and succulent meats, Sweet wines, Sherry and Porto for a watch of cheeses, sweets based on dried fruit or chocolate.

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