Which wines go well with colomba (typical italian Easter cake)? Let's find out together.

Easter is coming and we choose the best dove with care and attention. We book it in the pastry shop or at the baker, we buy one or two more for our loved ones because, even if we can't eat it together, we want to share the moment. The egg is always for the little ones, who love surprises, while the dove is for the older ones. But we don't want to leave it alone, it should be accompanied by a good glass. The ideal are the sweet bubbles of Champagne Demi-sec , perfect for toasting and not cloying, especially if accompanied by a spoonful of Chantilly cream. If, on the other hand, the colomba is eaten alone and above all if the glaze is more consistent, we can accompany it with a more structured and sweeter wine like a Recioto or a passito of Styria . If the colomba is also rich in candied fruit, a Ratafià of apricots is perfect, while a fresh glass of White port could be surprising. Cheers!

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