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Ferreira Porto


Denominação de Origem Controlada
Malvasia Fina, Codega, Rabigato, Gouveio.
Ferreira Porto Branco is a classic White Porto, an attractive and rich wine, with genuine scents of the best wines from the Douro region, produced with the care and skill acquired in 270 years of excellence, which has made Ferreira the producer of the highest quality and the first brand in Portugal. Ferreira Porto Branco is vinified using the traditional Porto method. The hand-picked and selected grapes are gently pressed and, after being de-stemmed, are fermented and at the appropriate time added with Brandy specially produced the year before the harvest. The following spring the wine is transferred to the traditional cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia, where it is decanted into oak barrels and in which it will refine for a few years. The wines selected for the final blend of Porto Branco have an age between 2 and 5 years of refinement, ensuring richness and balance to the final product. The color of this splendid port is straw yellow. The intense and fresh aroma, with attractive floral and fruity notes. In the mouth it is delicate and of great balance, it is a rich and full Port, with great complexity and nobility given to it by a skilful period of aging in wood.

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Ferreira White Porto

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Bottle Size
0.750 L
Alcohol content %
Main Grape Variety
Grape Variety 2
Grape Variety 3
Malvasia Fina
Grape Variety 4
Branco Porto
Vila Nova de Gaia
Contains Sulfites
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Technical Sheet

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Ferreira Porto Discover the Ferreira Porto company and its Port wines in our online store The Ferreira company was founded in 1751 by a family of Portuguese winegrowers and traders. Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira , nurturing a great passion, decided to invest heavily in the modernization of the region, in order to increase the quality of Port wine . She concentrated a lot on the values ​​of the Ferreira company, consolidating the link between wine production and the commercial aspect without ever forgetting her origins. She introduced new techniques for the cultivation of vines, for the production of wine and bottling. Ferreira has 4 estates: in Pinhão there are Quinta do Seixo (100 hectares), Quinta do Porto (40 hectares) and Quintado Caêdo (23 hectares), while Quinta da Leda (95 hectares) is located in Foz Coa. Produced with enormous passion for more than 250 years, Ferreira is recognized as a synonym for the excellence of Port wines.
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