Champagne Terroir de Cœur

The Aube department and Côte des Bar

The Aube department is located in Champagne, in the southern part of the region and bordering Burgundy and Chablis. La Côte des Bar is located in the south-eastern part of the department and has been a recognized part of the Champagne production area since 1927. The municipalities concerned are 63, for 8,000 hectares of vineyards (just under a quarter of the entire Champagne vineyard), and they are mainly planted with Pinot Noir.

This hilly area has a privileged exposure and together with the composition of the soil, very different from Reims and Epernay, it is ideal for this grape variety. The great maison of the north, in fact, buy Pinot Noir for their cuvées from the Aube, and in particular from the Côte des Bar.

Here the air you breathe here is very different from that one around Reims. Most of the producers are Vigneron who cultivate their own land. The attention to the land and the vineyard, which is already very marked in the north here is almost extreme, while organic and biodynamic practices are on the agenda, also thanks to the important climatic difference, given that the climate here is absolutely more forgiving. In addition, they refuse luxury and flashy packaging, hiding in a sober, peasant and absolutely fascinating beauty.

The Producers of Aube are very clear about the fact that they do not have to and do not want to compare themselves with the crisp and chalky Champagnes of the north but they have opulent Champagnes with a more mature freshness and a refined and rare elegance. For this reason, the tendency of the Champagnes of this area is to lower the dosages as much as possible.

Devaux Colombier Manor

Terroir de Cœur

All this brings us to Devaux and the Terroir de Coeur project. Devaux produces a range of Champagnes that she particularly cares about, the Terroir de Cœur.

Twenty years of attention to the environment, sustainable viticulture and environmental management certification have paid off. Furthermore, the commitment to use pressing sites directly in the vineyards, the use of only the first pressing must, the limited use of sulphites and the certification for the Management of Food Safety are the cornerstones of the commitment of the Maison Devaux which is materializes in this product line.

Among all the Cœur de Nature, which is the first 100% organic cuvée of Champagne Devaux. For all three Champagnes of the line, the label shows the geographical coordinates of the vineyards while the background of the label is the topographical map of the land with highlighted the area of origin of the grapes, reminiscent of a heart, the heart of the Côte des Bar. The heart of Devaux.

There are four Devaux products:

  1. Coeur des Bar - Blanc de Noirs 100% Pinot Noir Ideal with feathered game, freshwater fish, cheese, Turkey stuffed with chestnuts
  2. Coeur des Bar - Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay Perfect with shellfish and poultry, savory crepes with fresh ricotta.
  3. Coeur de Nature - Blanc de Noirs Organic 100% Pinot Noir Perfect with foie gras, sweetbreads, scallops, monkfish.
  4. Coeur de Bar - Rosé 20% Chardonnay, 80% Pinot Noir of which 10% red wine and 5% from skin contact. Perfect with summer salads, salmon Tataki, apple pie, red fruit salad.
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