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Since 1702 Jacques Ferrand, founder of the family, has been distilling and letting his productions be refined. In the early 1970s, Pierre Ferrand created his own brand and began to promote the cognac image of cru distillers around the world.

Strengthened by his teachings, his descendants carried on the tradition. Twelve generations later, Pablo produces only aged and prestigious cognac, elaborated as then, in Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne, 1er and best cru of the Cognac region.

"To process the best cognac, you need to grow the vineyard, press the grapes and distill rigorously. Then, we follow the aging process of what is distilled. In my cellar there are Cognac distilled by my father, grandfather and also by my great grandfather", says Pierre Ferrand. Two stills are used by Pierre De Segonzac: one of 18 hectolitres and the other of 25 hectolitres, the optimal size to obtain the best ebernoids. The wine is distilled twice in a copper "Charentais" still. The conduct of the crush is called 'sweet', distilling on the fine lees.

At the time of the second half of the first distillation (première chauffe), the wine becomes "brouillis" (the heart of the first distillation). During the second crush (bonne chauffe), the "brouillis" is distilled again. The heads and tails (the first and third fractions of the first distillation) before the second distillation are discarded from the heart, the only part that can age in limousin oak barriques.

Up to 3% of the stock of cognac can evaporate every year. This percentage that disperses into the atmosphere is also known as "the portion intended for angels".

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