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Founded in 1945, Domaine "à Lafitte" is an 18-hectare family-run business located in the heart of the Armagnac region. Winegrowers since 1945, the Bachos family creates an artisanal and authentic Bas Armagnac in the purest tradition. In particular, the Domaine has chosen to specialize in Vintaged Bas-Armagnac since the beginning of its business. During the tasting phase, complex aromas are evident such as aromas of pastry and dried fruit, more or less sweet notes and power or lightness. The vintage Bas-Armagnacs are products of the distillation of wines obtained from Baco Blanc and Ugni blanc grapes. The distillation technique and the period of aging in wood are crucial for its quality and for having an optimal aromatic evolution of the distillate.

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