Barbera and Nebbiolo dolcetto

Three vines that are a different expression of a unique area, the Langhe. Dolcetto,an early vine with a very sugary berry with little acidity and few tannins, is cultivated where the nebbiolo grapes do not grow well. It goes without saying that the resulting wine is to drink young,is not suitable for long agings and is very soft in the mouth. Dolcetto grapes offer dry wines that go well with cold cuts and first courses such as agnolotti, tagliatelle with ragù,soups of legumes or boiled or the rabbit in the oven. It also goes well with young or medium-aged cheeses. Barbera,a medium-late GRAPE VARIETY that prefers deep and medium fertile clay soils, goes perfectly with risotto and baked pasta in particular with the taste of truffles; while for the second courses it goes perfectly with roasts and red meats,side dishes such as typical Piedmontese cheeses such as gorgonzola or toma. Barbera is cultivated, in a small percentage, throughout northern Italy and we can also find it in wines produced on Lake Garda, as in the case of Chiaretto,where the peedoclimatic conditions are decidedly different. Finally the Nebbiolo,the king of the Langhe. The first to germinate and the last to drop the leaves. The harvest of these beautiful fruits is generally between October and November and the wine that is obtained others is only Barolo. Rich in tannins, Nebbiolo grapes offer wines that improve over time,so we recommend older harvests. Thanks to its flavor and body, Barolo is the ideal wine to combine with elaborate and loaded dishes such as all truffle recipes,meat dishes, first courses based on porcini mushrooms, game,aged cheeses and is also perfect in combination with dry pastry or chocolate. Find out how different the wines produced by these beautiful vines are!

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