Azienda Agricola winery Roberto Garbarino in the Alta Langa

ROBERTO GARBARINO - The Alta Langa Winemaker

Discover Azienda Agricola Roberto Garbarino, in the Langhe area, part of Piedmont region, a young winery farm established in 2012 to pursue a dream and a passion.

Each bottle of Roberto Garbarino's Alta Langa Docg and Moscato d'Asti Docg recounts the past vintage, the seasons, the weather, but above all it is a direct link with the land. Roberto and Beatrice firmly believe that respect for the environment, and in particular the soil, is fundamental to the quality of their wines. They do not use herbicides, chemical fertilizers and, if environmental conditions allow, minimize the use of systemic pesticides.

This young winery was born in 2012 to pursue a dream and a passion. After a degree in oenology, an exciting experience in New Zealand, and after working with the great producers of Langa, Roberto Garbarino realized his dream, that was producing high quality sparkling wines in a land that normally produces important red wines. Thus, with the first vintage of Alta Langa 2013, Roberto Garbarino is -probably- the smallest producer in the area.

What is Roberto Garbarino Farm like?

Roberto and Beatrice's winery, Azienda Agricola Roberto Garbarino, has 10 hectares planted with vines in Neviglie, a small village nearby Cuneo, in the beautifull Langa area, composed as follows:

      • 6 hectares of Alta Langa (4 were purchased in 2022),
      • 4 hectares of Moscato and 0.5 of Dolcetto.

Most of the vineyards are on a single, south-facing slope overlooking Treiso and Monviso, at an average altitude of 450 m above sea level. The only one vine facing east, is the Sotto Casa Pinot Noir vineyard. Just below the winery, in fact, on the eastern slope, is the youngest of the vineyards: 1 hectare of Pinot Noir planted in 2012.

The steep, clayey soils, with some sandy veins, allow for excellent grape quality that is clearly reflected in the wines that are obtained. The vineyards enjoy a cool and dry climate, characterized by winters that are not too harsh, despite the altitude, and cool summers, which create the perfect climatic context for producing elegant sparkling wines with a strong character.

Roberto and Beatrice

Roberto, actively assisted by Beatrice, devotes his entire life to his wines: he personally follows every step of the process. From the vineyard to the harvest, to the winemaking. My master from the oenological point of view," Roberto explains, "told me: to make a good wine it is not a detail that makes the difference, but the meticulousness you bring to the wine every day; that is, the attention and dedication you bring to your products every day. I also learned to have a more pragmatic approach to wine, I learned that chemical analysis is very important. But you should never give up your intuition."

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Roberto Garbarino

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