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This glass is part of UNO, the first series of the inAlto project, an iconic collection born in 2014. Signed by the designer Aldo Cibicha, it has defined the new aesthetic and qualitative parameters of Bormioli Rocco's offer dedicated to haute cuisine: brilliance, strength, lightness and stability. This model, with a delicately rounded base, is ideal for serving aperitifs on the rocks with a high alcohol content, such as Americano or Negroni, but it is also perfect for serving sparkling and still water. The use of the laser beam in the edge cutting phase ensures that the drinking edges are linear and homogeneous. This glass is manufactured with superior sound glass in the exclusive Star Glass composition, free of heavy metals. It is characterized by the high purity of the raw materials, transparency and brilliance of the products. Star Glass does not alter the olfactory and visual perceptions of the drinks contained in the glass. Modeled with skill, Star Glass guarantees recyclable products of high quality and great beauty, comparable to crystal, but with greater lightness and ease of use.

DIMENSIONS: 44,5 cl - h 102,5 mm - Ø 91 mm

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InAlto Discover the line of professional InAlto glasses by Bormioli Rocco that can be purchased online at VINOSO.Shop InAlto glasses embody the highest quality Bormioli Rocco in order to satisfy all the needs of classy restaurants and hotels. Always synonymous with art, elegance and good taste, it evokes “In alto i calici”, the traditional toast. The glasses are a tribute by Bormioli Rocco to the design and art of good food and good drinking Made in Italy. The InAlto UNO glasses collection InAlto UNO is signed by the famous designer Aldo Cibic and is entirely Made in Italy, from design to production. The Italian design, the transparency of the superior sound glass Star Glass and the resistance of the XLT treatment are the main ingredients of the InAlto UNO collection . The collection consists of 4 glasses, 1 flute and 1 glass of water for an offer created specifically for the most prestigious restaurants and hotels. The InAlto TRE SENSI glass collectionInAlto TRE SENSI was developed in cooperation with the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS), and guarantees the best wine tasting experience. Three senses are in fact involved in the tasting activity: sight, smell and taste. Sight: an optimal visual examination of the wine is guaranteed by the transparency of the Star Glass, free of colour nuances and impurities. Smell: the wide bulb at the base and narrowing at the mouth is designed to best perceive the intensity of the aromas and promote their persistence. Taste: the ultra-thin drink allows the lower lip to adhere perfectly to the rim and guarantees a very high taste balance.
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