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Rosé wine is a versatile option for any wine lover, ideal for enjoying on a warm day or a cool evening. This type of wine is produced with red grapes, but the short maceration on the skins gives the wine a pale pink color and a fruity, soft and slightly acidic taste. Rosé wine can be dry, semi-dry or sweet, depending on the amount of sugar remaining after fermentation.

Rosé wine goes perfectly with many dishes, from cured meats to salads, from seafood to pizza, and goes particularly well with spicy and spicy dishes. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice as an aperitif or to accompany fruit-based desserts.

In our ecommerce, we offer a large selection of rosé wines from different wine regions in Italy and abroad. Choose from delicate French rosés, lively Spanish or full-bodied Italian rosés for an unforgettable tasting experience.

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