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Tenuta di Tavignano is a company that was born in the mid-seventies in a magnificent castle in Cingoli, in the Marche region. The spouses Beatrice Lucangeli and Stefano Aymerich di Laconi, both from a noble family, merge the estate and the wine production. Since 2014 Stefano Aymerich of Laconi has chosen to involve his granddaughter Ondine de la Feld in the management of the Estate, who has accepted the challenge of managing the company in a dynamic and entrepreneurial way to continue the vision of its founders. The property covers 250 hectares and is located in an area called " Balcony of the Marche ", a spectacular terrace with a breathtaking view. The vines are mainly indigenous and the bunches enjoy the temperate microclimate of the surrounding hills. In particular, the Verdicchio vineyards enjoy optimal exposure for ripening. The “Misco” stands out in the collection, a wine that takes its Latin name from the river Miscus (today Musone) and that comes from the luckiest part of the estate. Embellished with the culture of the Castles of Jesi, the Verdicchio from Tavignano estate from year to year is growing in popularity worldwide. Since 2018, the Tenuta di Tavignano is certified organic .

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