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From 1702 Jacques Ferrand , founder of the family, began distilling and aging the products of his vineyards. Strengthened by his teachings, his descendants carry on the tradition. In the early 1970s, Pierre Ferrand created his own brand and began promoting the image of the cognacs of cru distillers all over the world. Twelve generations later, Pablo Ferrand produces only aged and prestigious Cognac , elaborated as then, in Segonzac,  France in the heart of Grande Champagne, the best cru from the Cognac region. It is Pablo himself who takes care of the harvests, the administrative management, the storage of the harvested grapes and the new plantations. The 8.5 hectares of Ugni Blanc in the heart of Segonzac are dedicated exclusively to the distillation of Marquis de Gensac's selection of Grand Champagne 1er Cru cognacs. These spirits are produced entirely by hand, from the harvest to the bottling, and everything is done in a single cellar. These Cognacs are prized for their quality and are the pride of Pablo Ferrand and his family. They are characterised by their marked smoothness, velvety texture and vivid fruity notes.

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