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La Socarrada 0.33cl

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La Socarrada


Gourmet beer with rosemary and rosemary honey. Triple malt, double fermented, no added gas, unfiltered or pasteurized. The beer ages in the bottle on the lees, necessary for its evolution. A deposit of yeast in the bottle is therefore completely natural. A beer with a remarkable freshness. On the nose the scent of rosemary is very clear and dominant, with hints of toasted bread. There are also notes of cherry, caramel, pear and pepper. In the mouth it surprises us bitter at the right point, with the necessary effervescence. A very high quality beer, with carefully selected malts, extremely balanced.

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Bottle Size
0.33 L
Alcohol content %
Birra Artigianale Spagnola
Contains Sulfites
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La Socarrada

La Socarrada Discover La Socarrada rosemary and rosemary honey beer in our online store Spanish craft beer, La Socarrada adds two interesting components to the typical beer ingredients: rosemary and honey from rosemary . The idea was to connect this aromatic plant, full of Mediterranean character and Spanish warmth, with the scent and aroma of hops. Balanced and slightly bitter, this is another excellent beer developed from Premium Beers from Spain , a brilliant project born near Valencia, whose mission is to produce the highest quality craft beers. Socarrada is produced without additives, in compliance with the purity of the Germanic style from 1516, and is fermented at a high temperature. Double fermented, triple malt, without added gases, it is neither filtered nor pasteurized, completely natural and aged in bottle on the lees: a high quality beer.
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