Ratafià di Andorno

Black Cherry Liqueur

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Rapa Giovanni


Ratafià is a Piedmontese liqueur with a moderate alcohol content that already in 1600 was produced in the monastery of Santa Maria della Scala. The centuries-old tradition is attested by different historical sources and honors. Originally from the municipality of Andorno Micca in the province of Biella, it is produced by the renowned company Rapa Giovanni, founded in 1880, with the traditional method that sees fresh fruit, cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar and nutmeg, to macerate together before passing a period of aging in stainless steel containers. Andorno Black Cherry Ratafià is prepared with selected black cherry juice, sugar and aromas and is particularly appreciated for its delicate and particular taste. It can be served with ice, with seltz or smooth. Excellent ingredient in the preparation of sweets, it lends itself to be added to fruit or ice cream. The alcohol content is 26%.

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Rapa Ratafià by Black Cherries

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Ratafià di Andorno
Andorno Micca
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Rapa Giovanni Discover the Liquorificio Rapa Giovanni and its liqueurs in our online store Giovanni Rapa founded the liqueur factory of the same name in 1880 in Piemonti in Valle Cervo, near Andorno Micca, a small town in the province of Biella where he still resides today. It is in the same year that the founder dedicated himself to the production of Ratafià , carrying on a century-old tradition. It is a liqueur composed of a cold infusion of fruit or flowers and alcohol such as brandy or wine. With an intense and versatile taste, Piedmontese Ratafià can be obtained from different raw materials, such as Black Cherry Ratafià, Juniper Ratafià, and many others. Passionate about flowers and alpine herbs, Giovanni Rapa is also involved in the creation and production of Walser, a bitter that comes from an ancient Valle d'Aosta tradition, obtained from digestive herbs, whose recipe is still faithfully followed today. The farsighted founder of the company obtained numerous awards: he was awarded by the S.A.R. Umberto I and Margherita di Savoia, by Pope Leo XIII and Pius X and obtained the patent from the Duke of Genoa.
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