Calvados: French spirits for an after dinner

Often after a great dinner you do not know what to drink and you always fall on the same product because you do not know the alternatives.
Today we are talking about distillates, in this case French, to understand their macro differences. If you love un peat whisky or grappa, such a distillate could be a viable alternative.

Calvados: what it is and where it is produced

Calvados is produced from apples, the quality and type of which is regulated by the regulations, as for wines. The apple juice is fermented and then distilled to reach the desired alcohol level and to ensure its high quality. The AOC denomination is equivalent to the DOC of our wines and includes about 70% of the total production of Calvados.

Calvados Domfrontais

For Calvados Domfrontais,and therefore produced in the southern part of the Calvados region, double distillation is allowed, and it is necessary that 15% of the fermented juice is composed of pere. This is the classic Calvados,to drink young, indicated as an aperitif and in the preparation of cocktails or sorbets. Its aromas are fresh and keep all the scents of fruit. After at least 3 years of aging in barrels can boast the AOC Calvados Domfrontais.

Calvados Pays d'Auge

More sought after, however, are calvados pays d'auge,which are also produced only in a demarcated area, east of the Calvados region, and must comply with a stricter production specification. The production of cider must be apple-only, and fermentation must last at least six weeks They must be distilled twice and aged for a minimum of two years in oak barrels. Calvados Pays d'Auge, while maintaining a marked apple scent, are more complex, and begin to develop spicy notes. Aging gives it character and pleasantness, and the opportunity for consumption moves, to accompany cheeses and at the end of the meal in refined cocktails or simply alone.

Calvados AOC

Finally there are calvados AOC that report the years of aging or the year of distillation and have a more stringent production specification. Aging is an essential component for these products that, maintaining the characteristic notes of the apple, give the nose and palate notes of cream, butter, spices, thus increasing in value and elegance. The color, always in relation to aging, varies from warm gold to copper. Definitely a meditation glass.

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