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Marquis de Saint Loup


Appellation d'Origin Contrôlée
This Calvados AOC Pays d'Auge Réserve from Marquis de Saint-Loup is produced in the heart of the Pays d'Auge appellation, on a 17th-century estate near the village of Saint Pierre, in a traditional Drouin family distillery. The apples are pressed only once and only this first juice is used, to obtain a cider of the best quality. Once the cider's fermentation process is complete, a maturation phase of several months in oak barrels follows. Only then is it distilled in two stages. Thereafter, the calvados matures for at least 4 more years in well-selected oak barrels. The contents of each barrel are checked annually for quality. Canary yellow to the eye, it has delicious aromas of fruit and flowers and a fine hint of oak. The body is more voluminous than Calvados Fine, with dominant apple flavors. Recommended as a digestive for those who prefer fruit aromas. More vigorous than Selection, it is suitable for the preparation of cocktails where the aromatic complexity of Calvados is required.

  • Gold Medal, Médaille d’Or, Gilbert & Gaillard 2021 (France)
  • Bronze medal, Médaille de Bronze, IWSC 2019 (UK)
  • Silver Medal, I.W.S.C. London, 2005, Great Britain.
  • Silver Medal, Vimoutiers, 2005, France.
  • Gold Medal, Vimoutiers, 2004, France.
  • Silver Medal, San Francisco, 2004, United States.

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Calvados Reserve Pays d'Auge

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Calvados AOC Pays d'Auge
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Marquis de Saint Loup Discover Marquis de Saint Loup and its Calvados in our online store Marquis de Saint Loup has been producing Calvados , a cider distillate from apple , or apple and pear. The quality and type of apples, sweet or bitter, are regulated by the disciplinary, as for wines. Harvested between September and November, the apples are pressed in the characteristic and classic vertical press. The apple juice is fermented and subsequently distilled to reach the desired alcohol content. Production takes place in France in the heart of the area with the Pays d’Auge appellation, near the village of Saint Pierre. Over the years spent ageing in wood, the aroma of Calvados evolves, bringing out notes of fresh fruit and a bouquet of more complex aromas. The range of Calvados Marquis de Saint Loup consists of a collection of Calvados AOC. The lots were acquired on the occasion of the broadcasts of the Norman companies and aged in the old cellars of the estate.
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