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Marquis de Saint Loup


Appellation of Origin Contrôlée
Calvados Marquis de Saint-Loup is distilled from cider made from 30 varieties of apples from Normandy and Brittany introduced to France around the 12th century. As the harvest season starts in September, the apples are left to fall to the ground before being picked. By waiting for the fruit to fall, the apples have reached the perfect state of ripeness to become Calvados Marquis de Saint Loup. Calvados Marquis de Saint-Loup is aged in oak barrels. The more volatile compounds, which give the young liqueur its burning flavour, disappear with time. Calvados extracts several substances from the wood, including the tannins that give it colour and body. In contact with oxygen, the wood compounds dissolved in the spirit undergo a chemical transformation. This produces new aromas. The warehouses of the Marquis de Saint-Loup estate are full of small barrels, which allow more exchange between the spirit and the wood. The result is an acceleration of ageing, with the drawback of greater loss through evaporation, affectionately known as the 'angels' share'. Many of the barrels are former sherry and port casks. It has been observed that these re-used casks produce fewer bitter tannins and contribute to giving Calvados a finer colour, more body and greater aromatic richness. The Calvados of Domfrontais has an aromatic universe dominated by hints of fruit, because of this peculiarity it is possible to taste it young. For this reason, the Marquises of Saint Loup prefer to propose as "entrée de gamme" a Calvados elaborated in Domfront. Calvados produced in the geographical area of Domfront take their originality from the high percentage of pear cider used in conjunction with apple cider (30%); soil (shale and granite) and distillation process (only one distillation) contribute greatly to its typicality. Particularly suitable for those who love to take Calvados as an aperitif, such as long drinks (Calvados & Tonic), with ice (3cl. accompanied by 2 ice cubes) or with coffee (a little Calvados inside the cup of coffee). It is also perfect for making cocktails that require alcohol based on fruit, culinary recipes or apple slushes.

  • Silver Medal, Médaille d’Argent, World Calvados Awards 2021 (UK)
  • Silver Medal, Cambremer 2018 (France)
  • Best of Category and double gold Medal, ADI's 2018 Judging of Craft spirits (USA)

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Calvados Selection A.O.C.

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Marquis de Saint Loup Discover Marquis de Saint Loup and its Calvados in our online store Marquis de Saint Loup has been producing Calvados , a cider distillate from apple , or apple and pear. The quality and type of apples, sweet or bitter, are regulated by the disciplinary, as for wines. Harvested between September and November, the apples are pressed in the characteristic and classic vertical press. The apple juice is fermented and subsequently distilled to reach the desired alcohol content. Production takes place in France in the heart of the area with the Pays d’Auge appellation, near the village of Saint Pierre. Over the years spent ageing in wood, the aroma of Calvados evolves, bringing out notes of fresh fruit and a bouquet of more complex aromas. The range of Calvados Marquis de Saint Loup consists of a collection of Calvados AOC. The lots were acquired on the occasion of the broadcasts of the Norman companies and aged in the old cellars of the estate.
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