Porto Tawny Dona Antonia 30 Years Old Wooden Case NV

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Ferreira Porto


Denominação de Origem Controlada
Tinta Barroca; Tinta Roriz; Touriga Franca; Touriga Nacional.
Ferreira Dona Antónia Tawny 30 Year Old Port is a unique Port wine, a demonstration of the Ferreira brand's excellence in the creation of Old Tawny Port. It is also a tribute to Dona Antónia, the charismatic woman who dedicated her life to the Douro area and the city of Porto and who left Ferreira Port an exceptional legacy. The colour of this Port Tawny 30 is bright golden, with orange hues. The nose is intense and of excellent complexity, bringing out notes of spices such as pepper, ginger and nutmeg, balsamic wax and tobacco box, it also has light notes of ripe red fruit and aniseed. Excellent volume in the mouth, with vibrant acidity, lots of spices and in particular pepper, jam, with an extremely elegant and long finish. After destemming and crushing, the musts are pumped into stainless steel vats for alcoholic fermentation. During this phase, soft maceration takes place at a controlled temperature to extract the compounds present in the skins. Balance and harmony, as well as structure, are achieved through the selection of grapes and the choice of when to stop fermentation, with the addition of grape spirit. The fortified wines are aged in the cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia, in oak barrels of approximately 640 litres. During this period, they are often subjected to racking, analysis and tasting, which allows their evolution to be followed. The final blend is usually made using wines aged between 25 and 40 years, in order to achieve an average age of 30 years, the quality and style of Ferreira. Ready to drink, it does not benefit from prolonged bottle ageing, although this certainly does not harm it. It does not require decanting. It should be served between 12 and 14°C.

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Ferreira Porto 30 YO

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Bottle Size
0.750 L
Alcohol content %
Wooden Case
Main Grape Variety
Tinta Barroca
Grape Variety 2
Tinta Roriz
Grape Variety 3
Touriga Franca
Grape Variety 4
Touriga Nacional
Tawny Harbour
Vila Nova de Gaia
Contains Sulfites
3 Items

Technical Sheet

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Ferreira Porto

Ferreira Porto Discover the Ferreira Porto company and its Port wines in our online store The Ferreira company was founded in 1751 by a family of Portuguese winegrowers and traders. Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira , nurturing a great passion, decided to invest heavily in the modernization of the region, in order to increase the quality of Port wine . She concentrated a lot on the values ​​of the Ferreira company, consolidating the link between wine production and the commercial aspect without ever forgetting her origins. She introduced new techniques for the cultivation of vines, for the production of wine and bottling. Ferreira has 4 estates: in Pinhão there are Quinta do Seixo (100 hectares), Quinta do Porto (40 hectares) and Quintado Caêdo (23 hectares), while Quinta da Leda (95 hectares) is located in Foz Coa. Produced with enormous passion for more than 250 years, Ferreira is recognized as a synonym for the excellence of Port wines.
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