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Franciacorta is a hilly area that embraces the city of Brescia and the southern end of Lake Iseo. Famous for being the excellent production cradle of made in Italy bubbles, it includes several municipalities in the Brescia province. The sparkling wines of Franciacorta are exclusively produced with the Classic Method , thanks to which they stand out for their elegance and finesse. The grapes chosen to give life to Franciacorta sparkling wines are Chardonnay , Pinot Nero , Pinot Bianco and Erbamat , this last grape variety introduced by the last modification of the specification. The types of Franciacorta are distinguished according to the grapes used. We can find different ones, such as Franciacorta, Franciacorta Rosé , Franciacorta Satèn , Franciacorta Millesimato and Franciacorta Riserva . The sparkling wine varieties, then, can enjoy different dosages, such as the Non Dosato , the Extra Brut , the Brut , the Sec or Dry and the Demi-Sec . This are bubbles suitable both for a tasty aperitif and to accompany dinner. The bottles, refined and classy, ​​are perfect to give as gifts or to take home with friends, precisely because of the versatility of the combinations at the table, as well as the evident and indisputable quality of the product. In the online wine shop VINOSO.Shop could not miss a corner dedicated to Franciacorta.

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