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Blackwoods Gin was born in the wild Shetland Islands, where the relentless seasonal climate causes native botanicals with ever-changing characteristics to grow each year, creating a unique vintage. Now, Blackwoods has relocated to the mainland, where the sparkling lochs, rugged mountains, dense forests and world-class spirits have inspired the creation of the ultimate Scottish gin with Scotland's finest native botanicals. The 2021 vintage celebrates ingredients from the Scottish coast including seaweed, sea buckthorn and water mint for a classic gin with a fresh citrus flavour and a hint of spice. Navy Strength, this is the perfect gin for making great cocktails. Produced, distilled and bottled in Scotland this Gin was made in collaboration with award-winning Master Distiller, Sion Edwards. Balckwoods Gin is also Vegan and environmentally conscious, in fact the bottle is made from 52% recycled glass, the cap is made from recycled ABS in a 100% renewable energy powered factory and the label is printed on uncoated, wood-free, vFSC certified paper.

What does Navy Strength mean? Technically, it is a gin with an alcohol content above 57.15 percent. The reason for the high alcohol content turns out to be very practical, as spirits were transported and stored in wooden barrels along with gunpowder below deck in ships. In case of leakage from the gin barrels, the liquid could wet the gunpowder. With an alcohol content above this strength, the gunpowder could still be used, while below this strength it would be soaked and unusable.

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Blackwood’s Vintage Dry Gin 60°

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Blackwoods Discover the Blackwoods distillery and its Gins in our online store The Blackwoods distillery was founded by Caroline Whitfield in 2002, with the aim of building and becoming the first distillery in the Shetland Islands. In 2005 the first 60% and 40% Vintage Dry Gins were released. The gin is made unique by the use of botanicals that are grown and hand-picked during the same year and then selected and used according to the season and climate of the harvest. Each summer, a decision is made on which botanicals to harvest in order to obtain an ever more refined product. Among the herbs cultivated and used in Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin are Sea Almeria, Water Mint, Filipendula Ulmaria, Angelica and Coriander. These attentions result in a unique product, enriching the finest drinks in an incomparable way. Now the distillery has new premises just outside Glasgow, it has found a great synergy and elective affinity with the Ardgowan distillery and has thus found a way to realise, thanks to new zero impact distillation technologies, the dream of becoming a Carbon Negative company. The new Blackwoods House will be open for visits later this year and the beating heart will be the small distilling machines where limited-edition spirits will be produced with a strong emphasis on seasonal expressions of botanicals. This whole project has been followed and developed together with Master Distiller Sion Edwards, whose signature is clearly visible on the label.
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