Carnival: perfect wines and spirits to match

The carnival this year will also go almost unnoticed. We will remember with nostalgia the Venetian masks, the flicker of people for the Calli, a Milan teeming with people and Viareggio with its wagons. But we are not prepared to give up culinary traditions, and then it is a riot of pancakes, chatter, zeppole and chestnut trees. They bring joy, you immediately feel happier as soon as you train them. Such tasty treats can not be abandoned on the most beautiful, they should be worthily accompanied. A glass of Calvados both inside the apple pancake dough and accompanying it, enhances their scent and makes them irresistible. The same applies to grappa with chestnut trees. Sweet liqueur wines such as a porto or white Sherry, passiti wines or sweet and light liqueurs such as Ratafià are perfect for pancakes with la crema, while a Demi Sec Champagne excellently accompanies both a fruit tarteletta and a light and crumbly chiacchera, with a thin veil of sugar that whitens it just.

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