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The selection of the VINOSO.Shop store cannot miss overseas wines, which have enjoyed numerous successes since entering the quality wine market. The most representative and important American states are California and Oregon . Californian wines are well known and appreciated all over the world. Characterized by a very young history, they have been able to get noticed by experimenting with new production techniques. Thus, if on the one hand you can find bottles similar to Bordeaux or the Rhone Valley, on the other it is possible to savor original and typical tastes of a typically Californian style. The most important and prized Californian wine areas are Napa Valley, followed by Sonoma County and Mendoncino. The second most important state in terms of wine is Oregon . It entered the international scene in the early 1960s when the first European vines made their appearance in the Willamette Valley, today the most important and renowned area for Pinot Noir.

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